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Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017

MAXON: Galerie ist zurück

Die MAXON Galerie ist auf der MAXON-Webseite zurück!

Für mich persönlich war es immer ein sehr schönes Feature auf der MAXON Webseite zu sehen was die CG Künstler mit CINEMA 4D so zaubern.

Das ist jetzt in einer bessern Version wieder da :) (mit Bildern/Videos)

Mehr auf

Und die zwei tollen MAXON X-Mas Videos sollte man auch nicht vermissen:

Sidequest für mich: Und ich verspreche, mal wieder, öfter etwas im Blog zu posten ;)
(wenn jemand da etwas speziell vermisst, gerne in einem Kommentar wünschen , ist ja Weihnachten :) )

Montag, 31. Juli 2017

MAXON: CINEMA 4D R19 angekündigt

MAXON hat heute CINEMA 4D R19 angekündigt:

"The new highlights in Cinema 4D Release 19 include:

Viewport Improvements – provide artists with added support for screen-space reflections and OpenGL depth-of-field in addition to the screen-space ambient occlusion and tessellation features (added in R18). Results are so close to final render that client previews can be output using the new native MP4 video support.

MoGraph Enhancements – expand on Cinema 4D’s state of the art toolset for motion graphics with faster results and added workflow capabilities in Voronoi Fracturing – break objects progressively, add displaced noise details for improved realism or glue multiple fracture pieces together more quickly for complex shape creation. An all-new Sound Effector in R19 allows artists to create audio-reactive animations based on multiple frequencies from a single sound file.

New Spherical Camera – allows artists to render stereoscopic 360° virtual reality videos and dome projections. Artists can specify a latitude and longitude range, and render in equirectangular, cubic string, cubic cross or 3x2 cubic format. The new spherical camera also includes stereo rendering with pole smoothing to minimize distortion.

New Polygon Reduction – works as a generator, so it’s easy to reduce entire hierarchies. The reduction is pre-calculated, so adjusting the reduction strength or desired vertex count is extremely fast. The new Polygon Reduction preserves vertex maps, selection tags and UV coordinates, ensuring textures continue to map properly and providing control over areas where polygon detail is preserved.
Level of Detail (LOD) Object – features a new interface element that lets customers define and manage settings to maximize viewport and render speed, create new types of animations or prepare optimized assets for game workflows. Level of Detail data exports via the FBX 3D file exchange format for use in popular game engines.

AMD’s Radeon ProRender – technology is now seamlessly integrated into R19 providing artists a cross-platform GPU rendering solution. Though just the first phase of integration, it provides a useful glimpse into the power ProRender will eventually provide as more features and deeper Cinema 4D integration are added in future releases.

Modernization Efforts – in R19 reflect MAXON’s rich development legacy and offer the first glimpse into the company’s planned ‘under-the-hood’ future efforts to modernize the software, as follows:

  • Revamped Media Core – delivers Cinema 4D R19 users with a completely rewritten software core to increase speed and memory efficiency for image, video and audio formats; native support for MP4 video without QuickTime delivers advantages to preview renders, incorporate video as textures or motion track footage for a more robust workflow. Export for production formats, such as OpenEXR and DDS, has also been improved. 
  • Robust Modeling – a new modeling core with improved support for edges and N-gons can be seen in the Align and Reverse Normals commands. More modeling tools and generators will directly use this new core in future versions. BodyPaint 3D – now uses an OpenGL painting engine giving R19 artists painting color and adding surface details in film, game design and other workflows, a real-time display of reflections, alpha, bump or normal, and even displacement, for improved visual feedback and texture painting. Redevelopment efforts to improve the UV editing toolset in Cinema 4D continue with the first-fruits of this work available in R19 for faster and more efficient options to convert point and polygon selections, grow and shrink UV point selects, and more."

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Sonntag, 23. April 2017

Maxon Labs: Py-ParametricTools

Auf Maxon Labs gibt es ein neues Plugin: Py-ParametricTools 

"Py-ParametricTools is a very simple approach to parametric modeling. Based on an idea of my friend Noseman, Py-ParametricTools basically consist of a bunch of generator and modifier objects for a number of commonly used modeling tools. Nothing fancy and easily done in Python, we thought this could still be helpful for some users out there."

There are generators and modifiers for the following modeling tools:
  • Extrude
  • Extrude Inner
  • Normal Move
  • Normal Scale
  • Normal Rotate
  • Reverse Normals
  • Smooth Shift


  • Cinema 4D R16 and higher. 

Mehr Infos & Download auf

NAB 2017: C4DLive 24.-27.April 2017

Auch 2017 wird MAXON wieder auf der NAB Show sein. Sie findet vom 24.-27. April 2017 statt.

Alle Vorträge werden auf im Stream übertragen und es gibt wieder Preise zu gewinnen.

Hier die, an MEZ, angepassten Zeiten.

Montag 24.4. 2017

  • 19:30 "5 “Wrong” Ways To Use Cinema 4D" with John LePore - PerceptionNYC
  • 20:30 "Cinema 4D, From Design and Concept Through Final Renders" with Mike Schaeffer
  • 21:30 "Visual Effects for Adam Ruins Everything" with Patrick Longstreth
  • 22:30 "50 Minutes of Tips and Tricks in Cinema 4D" with Chris Schmidt - Greyscalegorilla
  • 23:30 "Nike: Anamorphic Artwork and Camera Projection for Print and Animation" with Barton Damer - Already Been Chewed
Dienstag 25.4. 2017

  • 0:30 "Brief Explorations Into Parametric Workflows" with Lorcan O'Shanahan - Artifex Studios
  • 1:30 "Animated 3D Brand ID for Cineversity - Start to Finish" with Brett Morris - Ranger & Fox
  • - Pause -
  • 18:30 "20 Speed Hacks Every New C4D User Should Know" with Nick Campbell - Greyscalegorilla
  • 19:30 "Combining C4D and After Effects for 3D Title Creation" with Eran Stern - sternfx
  • 20:30 "Cinema 4D in Film: FUI and More" with John LePore - PerceptionNYC
  • 21:30 "Telegraphing the Script through Screen Graphics" with Robyn Haddow
  • 22:30 "Building Custom Tools For Scalable Production Techniques" with Brett Morris - Ranger & Fox
  • 23:30 "Create a Fantastic Freelance Career Using C4D" with Al Heck - Renderready, LLC
Mittwoch 26.4. 2017

  • 0:30 "3D: A Visual Playground for Artists and Designers" with Devon Ko
  • 1:30 "C4D Is My Secret VFX Weapon: Confessions of a Former Maya User" with Perry Harovas
  • - Pause -
  • 18:30 "Motion Tracking with Cinema 4D" with Matt Milstead - Brograph
  • 19:30 "How to Make Cinema 4D an Invaluable Part of Your 2D Workflow" with EJ Hassenfratz - Eyedesyn
  • 20:30 "GSG Live! - 3D Design On-the-Fly" with Nick Campbell - Greyscalegorilla
  • 21:30 "Character Tools for 3D Motion Graphics" with Julia Siemón
  • 22:30 "Brief Explorations Into Parametric Workflows" with Lorcan O'Shanahan - Artifex Studios 
  • 23:30 "3D Workflow Techniques for Lazy People" with Chad Ashley - Greyscalegorilla
Donnerstag 27.4. 2017
  • 0:30 "Time-Saving Project Management in Cinema 4D" with Dave Koss - Brograph
  • 1:30 "Cinema 4D for Designers - Making the Transition" with Angie Feret
  • - Pause -
  • 18:30 "Telegraphing the Script Through Screen Graphics" with Robyn Haddow
  • 19:30 "Projection Mapping and VFX techniques for Motion Designers" with Andy Needham 
  • 20:30 "Blockbuster FUI techniques in Cinema 4D" with Russ Gautier - Perception
  • 21:30 "Organic Shape Morphing Inside Cinema 4D" with Athanasios Pozantzis - Noseman
Mehr Info auf

Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

MAXON LABS gestartet

MAXON hat heute MAXON LABS gestartet:

"Cinema 4D is well-known for its ease of use and stability. These are two key goals that we aim to achieve with every Cinema 4D feature.
Sometimes features don't make release due to the resources required to develop a given feature to the standard we require. This means we sometimes have prototypes of very useful features for Cinema 4D that don't make it into a release or are dropped altogether.
To make sure that you can access these tools, we've created a new web space:  MAXON Labs.

Four tools are currently available and we will be adding more in the near future, ensuring that you have access to interesting new tools. The content provided is developed by MAXON and provided “as is” and free of charge. We have integrated a voting mechanism and enabled a comment section to collect your feedback. Naturally, your feedback can prove invaluable in helping us gauge how useful a tool is and how it needs to be adapted to make it even better.An idea or plugin is considered for release by the Lab if it is a niche product or too complex to offer great value to the broader Cinema 4D user base but still provides sufficient value for a sufficient number of users.
Another case could be if an idea needs more testing than what is possible internally or using our beta program. In this case MAXON Labs can serve as a public beta available to all users. This can be due to an initiative from a developer that does not support our current product priorities; It could also be as the result of an idea that needs large-scale testing to understand usability or user value before being considered as a Cinema 4D feature.

For MAXON Labs' launch, we are making the following available:

  • Extrudifier – A Python script that adds random detail geometry to scene objects. This provides a way to quickly add interesting details and complexity to any geometry.
  • Coons patch - A plug-in with our implementation of the Coons patch; a type of parametric surface. It lets you define a mesh based on a surface defined by the 4 splines forming its edges. With it, you may create complex curved meshes with mathematical precision.
  • Team Render HTTPS - A Python plug-in enabling secure HTTPS Support for the Team Render Web server. This helps secure the web interface of a Team Render farm.
  • Team Render Notifier – A plug-in that notifies you when a team render job is done. It can notify via many channels, including your mobile phone, email, social media such as twitter, etc. This ensures that you know when your render job is finished, no matter where you are."
Mehr Infos und Download der kostenlosen Plugins auf

Montag, 16. Januar 2017

hantmade: Markerlist & Student version of Stage plugin

Hantmade hat das Plugin Markerlist für Cinema 4D veröffentlicht das es ermöglicht Marker aus dem HantPlayer in Cinema 4D zu importieren.

Ausserdem gibts jetzt auch eine Studenten version des Stage plugins.

Mehr Infos auf

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

MAXON: CINEMA 4D Service Release 18 (SP2) veröffentlicht

MAXON hat das Service Pack 2 für CINEMA 4D R18 veröffentlicht.

Das Update ist über den Online updater oder als Offline-update als Download erhältlich. Wie immer ist auf der MAXON-Hompage auch eine ausführliche Changelist verfügbar.

Mehr Infos gibts auf