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Sonntag, 23. April 2017

Maxon Labs: Py-ParametricTools

Auf Maxon Labs gibt es ein neues Plugin: Py-ParametricTools 

"Py-ParametricTools is a very simple approach to parametric modeling. Based on an idea of my friend Noseman, Py-ParametricTools basically consist of a bunch of generator and modifier objects for a number of commonly used modeling tools. Nothing fancy and easily done in Python, we thought this could still be helpful for some users out there."

There are generators and modifiers for the following modeling tools:
  • Extrude
  • Extrude Inner
  • Normal Move
  • Normal Scale
  • Normal Rotate
  • Reverse Normals
  • Smooth Shift


  • Cinema 4D R16 and higher. 

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NAB 2017: C4DLive 24.-27.April 2017

Auch 2017 wird MAXON wieder auf der NAB Show sein. Sie findet vom 24.-27. April 2017 statt.

Alle Vorträge werden auf im Stream übertragen und es gibt wieder Preise zu gewinnen.

Hier die, an MEZ, angepassten Zeiten.

Montag 24.4. 2017

  • 19:30 "5 “Wrong” Ways To Use Cinema 4D" with John LePore - PerceptionNYC
  • 20:30 "Cinema 4D, From Design and Concept Through Final Renders" with Mike Schaeffer
  • 21:30 "Visual Effects for Adam Ruins Everything" with Patrick Longstreth
  • 22:30 "50 Minutes of Tips and Tricks in Cinema 4D" with Chris Schmidt - Greyscalegorilla
  • 23:30 "Nike: Anamorphic Artwork and Camera Projection for Print and Animation" with Barton Damer - Already Been Chewed
Dienstag 25.4. 2017

  • 0:30 "Brief Explorations Into Parametric Workflows" with Lorcan O'Shanahan - Artifex Studios
  • 1:30 "Animated 3D Brand ID for Cineversity - Start to Finish" with Brett Morris - Ranger & Fox
  • - Pause -
  • 18:30 "20 Speed Hacks Every New C4D User Should Know" with Nick Campbell - Greyscalegorilla
  • 19:30 "Combining C4D and After Effects for 3D Title Creation" with Eran Stern - sternfx
  • 20:30 "Cinema 4D in Film: FUI and More" with John LePore - PerceptionNYC
  • 21:30 "Telegraphing the Script through Screen Graphics" with Robyn Haddow
  • 22:30 "Building Custom Tools For Scalable Production Techniques" with Brett Morris - Ranger & Fox
  • 23:30 "Create a Fantastic Freelance Career Using C4D" with Al Heck - Renderready, LLC
Mittwoch 26.4. 2017

  • 0:30 "3D: A Visual Playground for Artists and Designers" with Devon Ko
  • 1:30 "C4D Is My Secret VFX Weapon: Confessions of a Former Maya User" with Perry Harovas
  • - Pause -
  • 18:30 "Motion Tracking with Cinema 4D" with Matt Milstead - Brograph
  • 19:30 "How to Make Cinema 4D an Invaluable Part of Your 2D Workflow" with EJ Hassenfratz - Eyedesyn
  • 20:30 "GSG Live! - 3D Design On-the-Fly" with Nick Campbell - Greyscalegorilla
  • 21:30 "Character Tools for 3D Motion Graphics" with Julia Siemón
  • 22:30 "Brief Explorations Into Parametric Workflows" with Lorcan O'Shanahan - Artifex Studios 
  • 23:30 "3D Workflow Techniques for Lazy People" with Chad Ashley - Greyscalegorilla
Donnerstag 27.4. 2017
  • 0:30 "Time-Saving Project Management in Cinema 4D" with Dave Koss - Brograph
  • 1:30 "Cinema 4D for Designers - Making the Transition" with Angie Feret
  • - Pause -
  • 18:30 "Telegraphing the Script Through Screen Graphics" with Robyn Haddow
  • 19:30 "Projection Mapping and VFX techniques for Motion Designers" with Andy Needham 
  • 20:30 "Blockbuster FUI techniques in Cinema 4D" with Russ Gautier - Perception
  • 21:30 "Organic Shape Morphing Inside Cinema 4D" with Athanasios Pozantzis - Noseman
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