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Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013

LAUBlab: VRAYforC4D 1.8 angekündigt

LAUBlab hat VRAYforC4D 1.8 angekündigt.
Das Release soll im September 2013 erscheinen und ist kostenlos für existierende Kunden.

Neu in 1.8:
  • new refreshed code base, almost all aspects of the version 1.8 are completely rewritten
  • DR/Distributed Rendering
  • new full motion blur in C4D
  • new expanded (vrscene sdk) based multi pass system
  • new multi pass interface
  • .vrscene file format export
  • V-Ray standalone support
  • new very latest V-Ray core 2.45
  • new interface to load and use native V-ray shaders within c4d (anywhere)
  • reflection and refraction interpolation feature within the BRDF material (point based)
  • V-Ray car paint material - V-Ray flakes layer
  • V-Ray procedural Hair(proxy like)V-Ray Fast Fur 2(updated)
  • Support for MAXON hair and V-Ray procedural hair
  • MAXON fur and feather support
  • new Vray physical BRDF Hair material
  • rounded edge feature
  • highly optimized proxy export and reparation time. scenes with many proxy objects tend to export many times faster now. in our tests scenes which exported and prepared in older versions for 45sec-1min, start render now in only 5 seconds.
  • render speed up and ram reduction of proxy rendering
  • V-Ray spline rendering
  • V-Ray particles
  • new geometry based SSS2 mode
  • new SSS2 caching. calculated SSS can now be cached and reused , even for animations.(saved to external files)
  • greatly speed up material previews
  • new option to set subdivision extra for material preview
  • enhancement in full 32 bit LWF workflow
  • camera mapping
  • on windows, optionally use of the VRAY frame buffer (VfB), the V-Ray frame buffer is an alternative application window, similar to the c4d picture viewer. it is scheduled most likely to be ready for 1.8 but might come a short time after 1.8 release if time wise not possible. osx vray buffer is a lot more difficult for technical reasons, it is planned for an later update. 
  • support for newest C4d versions
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1 Kommentar:

jack dull boy hat gesagt…

"new interface to load and use native V-ray shaders within c4d (anywhere)"

what are native vray shaders?

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