Neuigkeiten zum Programm CINEMA 4D von MAXON

Mittwoch, 19. August 2009

CD Symmetry Tools 1.0

Nachtrag 19.8.2009:
Cactus Dan hat die CD Symmetry Tools 1.0 veröffentlicht.

"CD Symmetry Tools, which is a workflow plugin, consisting of a set of tools and commands to help make working in symmetry a bit easier. The plugin is built around the CD Symmetry tag which was initially a part of the CD Morph plugin. CD Symmetry Tools not only helps make working in symmetry easier but it also allows you to continue working in symmetry after you've modeled an object and made it editable. This is especially handy for character riggers who find they need to adjust the points of the character mesh after rigging and skinning to improve the deformations."

Ein EInführungsvideo das die Features beschreibt findet man hier:
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Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

Indigo Renderer 2.0 verfügbar

Der ultra-realistische Renderer ist jetzt schneller, stabiler und bietet besseren Support

Glare Technologies (Wellington, Neuseeland) hat ein Upgrade für den Indigo Renderer, ihren ultra-realistischen Renderer, herausgegeben. Diese Version platziert Indigo in einer starken Position um seine Präsenz als kommerzielles Produkt auszubauen.

Indigo 2.0 bietet eine komplette Erneuerung der Benutzeroberfläche um die Bedienung zu erleichtern. Die Kern-Architektur wurde verbessert um Indigo bis zu 40% schneller zu machen. Außerdem wurde die Fähigkeit semi-transparente Materialien mit einer Technik, die als Subsurface Scattering bekannt ist, beschleunigt.

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Dienstag, 4. August 2009

Plugin Boss

Nachtrag 4.8.2009:
Ein Programm für Plugins:
Steve Pedler hat ein Programm geschrieben mit dem man andere Plugins (de)-aktivieren kann. Dies ist vor allem für Pluginentwickler zum testen von Nutzen oder aber für User die mal eben schnell gucken welches Plugin denn evtl. Probleme bereitet.

Mehr Infos und download des Freewareprogramms hier


Per Anders Edwards hat DeGamma veröffentlicht:
Why is a linear workflow better than a standard non-linear workflow?

The main reason is simply that your render engine only works in linear color-space, but your monitor works in it’s own “color-space” one that typically has a gamma of around 1.8 in OSX and 2.2 in Windows, so when you carefully pick your colors and textures on your monitor and then send them to the render engine that works only in linear color space, the resulting image ends up being completely and utterly incorrect.
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Katachi hat DPIT EFFEX released.
Die VFX suite für Particle & Fluide hat folgende Features:
  • Quick Setup
    Intuitive design keeping the general c4d workflow. Hybrid Particle-Grid engine for state-of-the-art VFX.
  • Smoke Simulation
    Generation and simulation of smoke, dust and soot.
  • Fire & Explosion Simulation
    Generation of convincing fire scenarios including fuel combustion for explosions.
  • Emitters
    Emitters can be created and managed conveniently. Primitive Shapes as well as complex meshes can act as sources for all available media channels and particles.
  • Obstacles
    Solid obstacles influence and interact with the flow accurately even at low resolutions! Deformed objects are of course supported
  • Events & Event Handlers
    An Event system gives the ability to control and time large groups of emitter objects (or anything else) easily.
    And all this is done without Xpresso. Direct Events offer the control of emitter specific emissions.
  • Fluid Particles
    Flow driven Particles allowing for more precise control of simulations and renderings.
  • Particle Groups
    Particle Groups for advanced FluidParticles and Thinking Particles setups.
  • Particle Rendering
    Fluid Particles can be rendered with the Gas Renderer at arbitrary resolution.
  • SimpleParticles & TP Interaction
    Massive SimpleParticles, Effex own dynamic rigid particle system, and Thinking Particles interaction!
  • Xpresso Support
    Several Xpresso nodes allow for advanced access of almost all parts of the simulation giving professionals the chance for professional setups.
  • Flow Map
    Improve small scale details with flow map driven noises.
  • Sub-Grid Layers & Turbulence
    Quick generation of higher resolutions and sub-grid turbulences. Faster & easier production planning!
  • Editor Preview
    An accurate editor preview not only shows the smoke & fire in the editor, it also captures the shading of smoke taking into account all lights in the scene, making it easier to foresee the rendered result.
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