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Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

C4DCafe: R18 training: "Intro to R18 and modelling"

C4DCafe hat ein R18 Training veröffentlicht:

"We would like to present you with first training made under C4DCafe brand (formerly Vertex pusher) for release 18, called "Intro to R18 and modelling". In this training, as usual we go into depth covering everything that one needs to know to start using Cinema easily after watching, coupled with close look to new R18 tools, techniques, best workflows , practices and advanced techniques. Huge effort went into this one and I tried my best to provide good look in both existing and new stuff in particular, given that I am part of team responsible for new tools. Training is designed to go from ground up towards very advanced stuff. "

  1. Setting up C4D
  2. Object types
  3. Object manager
  4. Selections
  5. Transformations part 1
  6. Transformations part 2
  7. Component transformations
  8. Polygon object basics
  9. Modelling tools
  10. Simple modelling
  11. SDS modelling
  12. Splines
  13. Generators
  14. Topology
  15. Solving
Resolution: 1680x1050; Duration: 4h and 30 mins

Das Training ist als Download erhältlich.

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Samstag, 27. August 2016

3D Fluff: Trade Secrets Tutorial

3D Fluff hat ein neues Trainingvideo veröffentlicht: "Trade Secrets"

"There’s a lot of tools and commands in Cinema 4D that sit there, hidden away, only used by a few people who know about them and their hidden potential. Did you know for example that there is a real-time tool for positioning reflections on surfaces which requires no test renders?

Gain control over your working environment with advanced interface controls and scene navigation around tricky objects tight corners. Discover new ways to quickly convert polygon and point selections between each other to make creating selections easier.

Animators will be shown new ways to record animations and powerful editing tools such as RM curves for control of huge numbers of keyframes. Creatively repurpose character animation tools you didn’t think you needed into commands which can help you in your daily work.

Materials and surfaces make up a healthy portion of the knowledge on offer here. We walk you through activating animated material previews to show how transparent surfaces will bend light; how to gain clearer editor previews of what your materials will do and how to crispen up material details during rendering ..."

Runs for just under 5 hours, fully compatible with R17 and R18 but still 99% compatible with any version after R12 "

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David Weidemann: 2 Character Animation Plugins & 2 free Scripts

David Weidemann hat zwei Character Animation Plugins und -Skripts veröffentlicht.
  • Character Template Master:
    "is a for teams that work with Cinema 4Ds character template system. It is used to synchronize new templates of the rigger with the local templates of the animators"
Character Template Master from David Weidemann on Vimeo.

  • Gimbal Master deals with the dreaded "gimbal lock".
    It is a tool for analysing an animation, as well as for converting it to a suitable euler rotation order and with that minimizing or even eliminating the gimbal lock effect. Here is a demo (it's almost more a tutorial on gimbal lock)"

Die kostenlosen Skripte:
  • Copy Animation:
    "Copys the animation from one hierarchy to the other.
    First select the parent of the hierarchy with the animation, then the parent of the hierarchy that shall receive the animation. Execute the script. Done.
    Message dialogs inform you about success and errors."
  • Show Timeline:
    "This is a very simple script that shows the timeline for selected objects and automates all timeline commands that you do routinely call (like framing the preview range, folding the tracks, etc.).
    You can easily disable and disable commands by adding or removing the # in front of a command (but keep the colums straight).
    Creating a shortcut for this script via "Customize Commands" makes this a time saving little helper."
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Montag, 25. Juli 2016

MAXON: CINEMA 4D R18 angekündigt

MAXON hat auf seiner rundum erneuerten Webseite CINEMA 4D R18 angekündigt.

Neu sind unter anderem:


  • Nicht-destruktive Zerstörung mit Voronoi Fracturing
  • Push-Apart-Effektor
  • ReEffector
  • MoGraph Wichtungspinsel
  • extern speicherbare MoGraph Caches


  • neues Messer Tool mit Ebenenschnitt, Loop/Pfad-Schnitt und Linienschnitt
  • Raycast Algorithmus zum Backen von Sculpting-Ergebnissen
  • Funktion „UVW aus Projektion erstellen“


  • Objekt Tracker
  • Parent Constraint
  • neuer Quaternions Workflow
  • Prioritätsverschiebung


  • Dünnfilm-shader
  • Inverse Ambient Occlusion-shader
  • Shadow Catcher Material
  • Parallax Shader


  • Viewport Reflektionen
  • SSAO
  • Viewport Tesselation
  • Substance-Engine Integration
  • Color Chooser Kompakt-Modus
  • Vertex-Farben

Neue kompelette Features liste ist hier einsehbar.

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