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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

Cindigo 0.9 Beta 2/Beta 3 Preview

Nachtrag 12.10.:
Zwei neue Versionen des IndigoRender Plugins Cindigo für Cinema 4D sind erschienen:
Neu in Cindigo 0.9 - beta 2:
  • exported meshs are stored in a sub directory
  • export without geometry (in the render settings tag)
  • export .igm (in the material helper tag, not for blend mats atm)
  • about (finally! not final, though)
  • there is some ray_origin_nudge_distance scaling going on, if there are problems with that, let me know (scenes with scales > 1000 are possible now)
  • exponent maps (put the map in "Specular Color")
  • textured emitters (put a material with a texture in the color channel on an object with a light tag. no material helper needed)
  • objects that are set "invisible in render" dont get exported (if a child of these objects is set "visible in render" it gets exported)
Neu in Cindigo 0.9 - beta 3 preview:
  • lots of small improvements (most of them concerning materials, materials in hierarchy, and lots of little things i forgot about, should start keeping a detailed changelog...)
  • new .obj export that supports selections and phong breaks (still only UVW mapping)
  • export and run (damn useful)
  • a,b,c controls for bump maps and exponent maps
(Danke an JackMcRip für den Hinweis)

Download des Plugins über diesen Eintrag im Indigo-Render-Forum

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