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Dienstag, 28. April 2009

Riptide Pro 1.5

Keith Young hat ein Update für Riptide Pro veröffentlicht.
Neu in Version 1.5:
  • Fixed 'Preset' code to work with License Server.
The previous version(s) didn't store any updated Preset information when running from the License Server... fixed.
  • Fixed/adjusted some other code, relative to License Server operation.
  • The document path is no longer altered when Exporting.
In previous versions, the plugin was (re)setting the document's "save path" to wherever you exported a .obj file. This could be a source of confusion the next time you saved your .c4d project file. With this update, the plugin no longer alters the document save path, but it still keeps track of the last folder you saved to and seeds future file/folder dialogs with that stored path.
  • Fixed a bug of not Exporting all files when doing multi-file Exports, but without saving Faces.
For example, if you were saving only vertices, as a (set of) morph files, only the first file would be saved.
  • Re-organized the Export "Filter" tab options.
While looking into the above issue, I decided to re-organize some of the Export options for clarification. A number of the options are simply irrelevent/ignored/not applicable if the "Export Faces" option is disabled, so they are now grouped under that option. The one slight change of actual behaivior is that the "Export Materials" option is included in the above, so the plugin won't create any .mtl files if the Export Faces option is disabled (I think the previous version would still create those files, even if there were no faces in the .obj file using the materials).
Das Update ist gratis für alle registrierten Benutzer
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