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Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

LuxC4D 0.05

Version 0.05 von LuxC4D wurde veröffentlicht. (Cinema 4D Exporter für LuxRender; Open Source)
  • Added a camera tag which allows you to specify the depth of field (which at the moment only works in Lux, if the camera is a perspective camera).
  • Fixed the orthographic camera scaling (has changed since Lux 0.5).
  • Added support for film offset.
  • Updated the sampler settings (in LuxC4D Scene Settings). Default sampler is now "Metropolis" with as strength of 60%.
  • Updated the integrator settings (in LuxC4D Scene Settings). Default integrator is now "Bidireectional" with a maximum depth of 10.
  • Default pixel filter is now "Gaussian" with a width/height of 1.3 pixels (to avoid black fringes around sharp bright spots).
  • Updated the fleximage settings and added the new tonemapping algorithms "Linear", "Contrast" and "White".
  • Materials don't need to have unique names anymore.
  • Fine-tuned brightness conversion of light sources to better match C4D behavious. C4D falloff/-radius is now ignored, except for falloff types "Inverse" and "Inverse Square". You can force LuxC4D to ignore the falloff radius for these two falloff types, too by enabling the corresponding option in the light tag.
  • Added icons where possible.
Download (Mac & Win) hier
Mehr Infos über Luxrender hier

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