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Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

eBook: Product Design & Rendering in CINEMA 4D R13

Von Janine Pauke ( 3D Fluff ) ist ein neues Kindle eBook (englisch) zum Thema "Product Design und Rendering in CINEMA 4D R13" erschienen.

Aus der Beschreibung des eBooks:
"Written in friendly and easy to understand english, this eBook by Janine Pauke of 3D Fluff jumps right into the fun and interesting aspects of creating a classy product render from scratch. "Learning by doing" has always been the philosophy at 3D Fluff and this eBook is no different in that regard. The steps are easy to follow for beginners and slowly advance in difficulty over the course of the project. Even advanced CINEMA 4D users will find this eBook stuffed full of valuable tips and tricks to apply to their own everyday projects. The explanations go much deeper than just asking you to follow every step blindly. Not only will you learn how to perform actions, you'll also learn why."
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