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Montag, 25. November 2013

INSYDIUM: X-Particles 2.5 veröffentlicht

INSYDIUM LTD hat X-Particles 2.5 wurde veröffentlicht.

Neu in 2.5:
  • Many enhancements to the emitter object.
  • Greatly improved, faster and easier fluids.
  • Blazingly fast high quality rendering and Multi-Pass.
  • Wet Maps.
  • Greatly enhanced Python support.
  • Polygon Fragmenter.
  • Additional skinner surfaces.
  • Particle painting, creation, deletion and properties such as color, speed, rotation and life.
  • Extra modifiers and enhancements such as Move over Surface and Falloff over Life.
  • Completely new, flexible and powerful caching system.
  • Many other smaller improvements and enhancements.
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