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Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Tools 4D Free Stuff

Paul Everett hat seine "Free Stuff"-Plugins als Donationware veröffentlicht.
Enthalten sind:
  • Wireshader
    A stunning channel shader. Yes, the good old wireshader which some of you may remember from the past. Now rewritten for for R12+ , and known hence forth as WireShader+
  • Restart C4D
    A super Command.Does what it says. A simple command which inserts itself in the right place and simply restarts c4d ! It’s better than closing c4d and restarting it manually.
  • GodRays
    An epic GodRay genorator object. Requires 1 light and a polygon object and generates a shadow volume as either a spline segment array or a volume polygon object.There’s a simple example in the project folder. It basically makes a polygon object out of a lights hard shadow volume.
  • RoadGen
    An amazing procedural road generator, ripped out of the cg2 project.
  • Stipple Modifier
    A fantastic modifier which magically stipples your splines.This is a great tool for mographers and visualizers with enough settings to make it useful.
Kompatibel mit C4D R12 & R13.
32/64bit WIN PC & MAC OSX Support.

Mehr Info & Download auf

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