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Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

Maxwell Render Plugin v.1.6.f6

Next Limit hat ein Update seines C4D-Plugins für Maxwell Render veröffentlicht.
Die Plugin-Version ist nun v.1.6.f6 und hat folgende Änderungen erfahren:
  • Non-active cameras bug fixed. The cameras were exported with X and Z coordinates swapped.
  • Slow viewport after importing Maxwell materials fixed.
  • The Cinema4D Texture Paths in Preferences are used to look for missing textures in materials and are also passed to MXCL. Furthermore, when writing the MXS file for rendering, a check is made to ensure all textures referenced in the materials are found. If any texture is missing, a dialog pops up to choose a replacement texture. If the user picks a texture, its path is used to look for other textures.
  • Fixed bug with animation driven by expressions and/or tags (e.g. Align To Spline tag) when saving sequences of MXS'.
  • Fixed bug in animation: materials were lost after the first frame when saving animations; this no longer happens.
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