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Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

Riptide 1.7

Keith Young hat die Version 1.7 seines OBJ Im-/Exort-plugins veröffentlicht. (R9.1+ PC, Mac PPC, Mac UB)
  • Bug-Fix: Export crash when too many unused verts
  • Enhancement: Better duplicate UV/Normal removal
  • Enhancement: .mtl file changes
  • an Index of Refraction value ('Ni' record) is now being set/parsed if the material has transparency.
  • some apps write out a "map_bump" record, some apps (including Riptide) use "map_Bump" and it turns out that neither of those are part of the .mtl file spec - the proper record is simply "bump" . Riptide will now accept any of those and (for the time-being) is still using "map_Bump" when it creates a file.
  • Displacement ("disp") map records are now read and written.
  • some apps were/are incorrectly adding file-path info to various texture filenames... these are now stripped off.
  • enhanced the Group and Region Tag dialog handling... they now verify that selection tags that were deleted also get deleted from the lists being tracked better than before.
Download und Infos auf

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