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Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008

Silverbullet 0.74

Remotion hat ein Update für das Physikplugin Siverbullet veröffentlicht:
Neu in Silverbullet
  • 0.72:
    New AttentionTag (Only SB4D+)
  • "Coll.Shape Scale"
    With this parameter you can make collision shape smaller or bigger as visible shape.
  • 0.73
    Important bug was fixes so the simulations will work as before!
  • Some new Examples are added to Examples(R10-only) folder.
  • 0.74
    New dual compilation for R9.6 and R10.x.
  • New XPresso nodes in SB4D+ only.
    Some other fixes ,corrections and improvements.
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