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Montag, 25. August 2008

Cindigo 1.1.9

Cindigo, der Export Plugin für den Freeware-Renderer Indigo, ist in Version 1.1.9 erschienen:
  • updated all exported material data to the 1.1.9 specs
  • applying textures to luminance/color/bump/displacement in the c4d mat will override the constant values set for color/exponent/etc in the material helper
  • added new subdivision options
  • added emission to the material helper (only base_emission). set a texture for it in the c4d mats luminance channel
  • rgb gain can now be <>
  • support for light layers (only 0-7 as currently in the indigo gui)
  • indigos scale factor isnt used anymore. global scale is directly applied to the meshes. this should fix the "invertible bug" and confusion about displacement
Plugin download 1.1.9 hier
Infos zu Indigo 1.1.9 hier

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