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Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2008

DPIT Plants

DPIT Nature Spirit von Katachi wurde auf vielfachen Kundenwunsch für das neueste Release in 3 Teile aufgesplittet.
Das erste dieser Module, DPIT Plants, wurde soeben veröffentlicht.
Es besitzt eine neue Pflanzenmodelierungsengine hat folgende Features:
  • Tree structure
    Intuitive branch level design. No need to find your way through complex object hierarchies. One artist, one tree, one object!
  • Roots
    Roots generation to round off the tree appearance. And all with one click.
  • Leaves
    Quick & Easy attachment of leaves to branches with botanically accurate placement and alignment.
  • Details
    Fruits, flowers, leaves or dollar bills. Additionally attach everything to any branch level.
  • Connected Mesh
    DPIT Plants is the first tree generator for Cinema 4D offering a contigous tree mesh with the Quadtree Technology.
  • Interactive Editing
    You can completely control the shape of your trees by manipulating its features interactively. Your imagination is the limit!
  • Spline support
    You can use C4D splines to define custom paths and profiles for branches and leaves.
  • Easy Growth
    Easy Growth allows you to grow a whole tree by changing one value.Though it still allows to have full control over growth for any tree parts.
  • Dynamics
    Let trees react with dynamic motion to particle forces and user input.
  • Procedural Wind
    Create windy scenarios with the procedural tropism wind effects, faster than ever before!
  • Advanced Pruning
    You can shape your trees individually with arbitrary polygon objects like a real gardener.
  • Tropism
    Branches shaping due to gravity, sun cast or wind can be accomplished with tropism effects.
  • Texturing
    Several material options allow you to efficiently texture different tree parts in no time.
  • Growth Correction
    Natural growth correction increases the realism of a plant shape.
  • Presets
    DPIT Plants comes with 10 botanically accurate tree presets. Furthermore you get a bunch of leaf and bark textures for free!
  • TreeMap Shaders
    TreeMaps are a unique feature of DPIT Plants. In order to render these maps you get two shaders to do so.
  • Distribution
    Distribute your plants on any object with the powerful Transplant Object. The MultiToolBrush allows you to quickly spray your objects onto Transplant surfaces.
  • Hair Engine
    There are a lot of plants that incorporate hairs on leaves or stems which can be generated and interactively styled with the included Hair engine. Of course also the hair engine is fully dynamic.
  • Grass Engine
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