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Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2008

C4Des 11

Die Herbstausgabe des C4Des Magazins ist erschienen.
Inhalt der aktuellen Ausgabe:
  • From the beginning- The particles ( and introduction of the use of particles for beginners )
  • Tutorial - Integrations with interior photos ( an in-depth view on understanding the perspective concepts to match your models into an interior shot )
  • Other Softwares - Archicad & Cinema 4D
  • Making of - Elphic faberge
  • Techniques of - the 12 principles of the animation (I) ( the first chapter of the basic principles of animation applied in C4D )
  • Interview - Enxebre
  • C4Des challenge - Stairs
  • Tutorial - After Effects
  • Picture Gallery
  • The column - They are the Future
  • Tutorial - Modelling the Wii Remote ( 30 pages of an extensive and detailed modelling tutorial)
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