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Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

CSTools 05.30.09

Die CSTools (von Chris Smith) sind nochmals erweitert worden. Neu sind:
  • CS_Particles.
    It's the same as CS_Spriticles. Except made for up to 4 objects. Also added is an orientation drop box to set the object orientation options since it's not just sprites looking at camera. There is an example folder with two examples of it in use.
  • CS_LoopNull
    It allows you to set how many cycles the loop has before stopping. Then like CS_Movenull you crank up the channels you want , except each channel has a normalized curve. The point of this tool is to do small interesting detailed motions that you want to loop a certain amount of time.
  • CS_Isocam.
    Monkey and I came together on this track for a isometric camera he needed. It's Easycam2 modified so that it will morph between an isometric view (almost) and to normal perspective. Monkey added the nice feature of dragging around where it points with a null.
Download der CSTools auf

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