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Montag, 19. März 2012

X-Particles Update veröffentlicht

Für Das Partikel-Plugin X-Particles wurde ein erstes Update freigegeben.
Neben Bugfixes sind folgende Neuigkeiten enthalten:

  • Cover/Fill modifier: a new stick point offset parameter added 
  • Freeze tag: the tag now freezes Thinking Particles if they are emitted, as well as the native X-Particles 
  • the System object will now unfold in the OM when it is used to add X-Particles objects to the scene 
  • Emitter: when emitting from an object, particles can now be emitted from the inside of the object  
  • Emitter: particles can now be displayed in the editor as lines, the same as the C4D standard emitter 
  • the Sprite object can now generate splines with single points for use in the C4D Metaball 
  • the Speed action has been changed to allow direct speed changes and set new direction (for starting particles with zero speed) 
  • the Target modifier can now specify a particle group to attract/repel, if this option is selected all other groups are ignored 
  • NET render support has been added (but please see the manual for more details and caveats)
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