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Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Indigo Render: Materials & Lighting - Competition

Auf Indigo Render gibt es eine Materials & Lighting - Competition mit Preisen.
Es muss eine vorgegebene Szene texturiert und beleuchtet werden.

Beschreibung :
"Get out your best textures and HDR environments, because this August we will be holding a material & lighting competition!
A highly detailed, untextured and unilluminated scene will be made available in several formats, and the rest is up to you - materials, lighting and final beauty renders.
The competition starts on Monday the 13th of August, and entries can be submitted no later than Thursday the 6th of September.
We're really looking forward to seeing what people do with this great scene (graciously provided by Heiko Schmidt / Impulse)! "
Preise sind:

1. Preis:
  • 2 Evermotion collections*
  • 2 CGAxis collections**
  • €200 voucher 1 Indigo Renderer
2. Preis:
  • 1 Evermotion collection*
  • 1 CGAxis collection**
  • €150 voucher
  • 1 Indigo RT
3. Preis:
  • 1 Evermotion collection*
  • €100 voucher
  • 1 Indigo RT

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