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Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

m4d: Version 1.06 veröffentlicht

Vom Mental Ray Renderer für CINEMA 4D m4d wurde die Version 1.06 veröffentlicht.


  • Round Corners shader support
  • Displacement support (mia and c4d material)
  • better support for physical DOF camera shader
  • support for 2D c4d Shaders, such as Noise or Layer/Fusion shaders (previously only Bitmap shader were supported)
  • c4d shader animation support
  • Motion blur support
  • IES light support (mia_photometric_light shader)
  • preset:// texture support
  • speedups due to new iray 2.0 core

mental ray:

  • MIA, FastSSS and CarPaint and c4d Material Displacement support
  • some huge speedups in Scene conversion (depending on the scene, some huge scenes render now in 10 seconds instead of 2minutes!)
  • IES light support (mia_photometric_light shader)
  • Volumetric light support
  • MetaSL fixes for 64bit systems
  • GI settings for physical sky
  • MetaSL crash fixes
  • better Drag&Drop support for mia Material

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