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Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

C4Dzone: Power Cloner

C4Dzone hat das CINEMA 4D Plugin Power Cloner veröffentlicht.

"Power Cloner is a Cinema 4D plugin that implements a totally new concept of cloner tool. Thanks to its design and flexibility it can be used with success in many fields from Motion Graphics to Architectural design. The usual limit of the other standard cloner systems is the ability to position and control each single cloned elements. Normally you can position the clones on a surface by selecting a few options like vertex position, surface position, tag selection etc etc. but sometimes it is not so flexible. So we thinked that joining the power of a Ray tracing system with a cloning system could be a new way of thinking cloner.....and this is what we have done."
Das Plugin kostet 35 € (+ MwSt) und ist erhältlich für R13/14 auf Win/Mac

Mehr Infos und Kauf auf

Power Cloner Cinema 4D plugin from Cappellaio Matto on Vimeo.

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