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Montag, 9. September 2013

INSYDIUM: X-Particles 2.1 Update

INSYDIUM hat das Update 2.1 von X-Particles veröffentlicht.

Neu in Version 2.1:
  • In the Freeze action, a Freeze modifier can now be turned on or off for any particle, as with other actions controlling modifiers.
  • Added ability to turn off drawing the emitter shape in the editor.
  • Added ability to emit from polygon object edges.
  • Added new 'Sub-Folder' object and a button to create one to all folder nulls.
  • New connection mode - 'Cluster'- in the Trail object.
  • New 'Box' particle display mode.
  • Added ability to turn off Sprite or Generator object generated geometry in the editor and back on to render, speeding up scene caching.
  • Added ability to trigger actions from the Change Group modifier when the particle group is changed.
  • Added ring emission mode to the circle emitter.
  • Added multishader compatibility to the Sprite object.
  • Added a gradient to distribute particle groups in the emitter.
  • New controls added to the Rotator modifier to allow accel/decel of angular velocity.
  • New trigger mode added to the emitter and Change Emitter action.
  • In the Rotator modifier, actions can be triggered when a particle reaches escape velocity.
  • The Scale modifier can now scale the particle radius as an alternative to scaling geometry.
  • Bug Fixes
Das Update ist für Kunden der Version 2.0 kostenlos.

Mehr Infos auf

X-Particles v2 Reel from mike batchelor on Vimeo.

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