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Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Holger Biebrach: RegionKing Update 1.5

Holger Biebrach hat das Update RegionKing Update 1.5 zu seinem Renderpreview-tool veröffentlicht.

Beschreibung auf der Webseite:

"RegionKing is a new Tool for CINEMA 4D which helps a lot for setting up scenes for rendering. In many situations it is very time-consuming to setup lights and textures/shaders and find the right rendersettings. You need to do a lot of preview rendering and wait to see results. Also it is difficult to compare the results and rendertimes and revert your Scene to the best version. RegionKing provides you with a workflow that makes this all easy and fast. "

Neue Features:
  • Animate Region button 
  • nicer interface (L-shape) 
  • on/off-mode for fullframe Rendering 
  • color/size settings for handles and buttons 
  • better organized results-folder 
  • buttons to send still/framerange/all frames 
  • Teamrender Option
Mehr Infos und Kauf auf

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