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Samstag, 27. August 2016

David Weidemann: 2 Character Animation Plugins & 2 free Scripts

David Weidemann hat zwei Character Animation Plugins und -Skripts veröffentlicht.
  • Character Template Master:
    "is a for teams that work with Cinema 4Ds character template system. It is used to synchronize new templates of the rigger with the local templates of the animators"
Character Template Master from David Weidemann on Vimeo.

  • Gimbal Master deals with the dreaded "gimbal lock".
    It is a tool for analysing an animation, as well as for converting it to a suitable euler rotation order and with that minimizing or even eliminating the gimbal lock effect. Here is a demo (it's almost more a tutorial on gimbal lock)"

Die kostenlosen Skripte:
  • Copy Animation:
    "Copys the animation from one hierarchy to the other.
    First select the parent of the hierarchy with the animation, then the parent of the hierarchy that shall receive the animation. Execute the script. Done.
    Message dialogs inform you about success and errors."
  • Show Timeline:
    "This is a very simple script that shows the timeline for selected objects and automates all timeline commands that you do routinely call (like framing the preview range, folding the tracks, etc.).
    You can easily disable and disable commands by adding or removing the # in front of a command (but keep the colums straight).
    Creating a shortcut for this script via "Customize Commands" makes this a time saving little helper."
Alles kann man kaufen bzw. gratis downloaden unter

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