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Freitag, 6. März 2009

Harvester 2.0

Harvester ist nun in 2.0 erhältlich.
Mit dem Plugin kann man Animationen von Charakteren auf andere Rigs übertragen.
Neu in version 2.0:
  • Fixed a bug that when dragging an object into the Rig field under the save tab would only show one item if the first object found with a key had no children.
  • Adjusted error message that notifies the user when key frames attempting to be saved exist outside the current doc’s mix/max range.
  • Added the ability to Zero out the Left Values and Left Times for beginning keys on all Tracks in the rig dragged into the Rig box on the Save Tab.
  • Added the ability to Zero out the Right Values and Right Times for end keys on all Tracks in the rig dragged into the Rig box on the Save Tab.
  • Added the ability to use the Undo feature of c4d (and a button) after Zeroing out the values, deleting existing animation, and Applying animation.
  • Increased the size of the “Saved to Target Mapping” list box on the Apply tab.
  • Increased the size of the “List of parts” list box on Save tab.
  • Changed the name of Automap button on Apply tab to Automap by Position, which still attempts to automatically map the objects in the target rig to the saved rig by the position of the object. This is still currently the default, and is used because some objects could have identical names.
  • Added an Automap by Name button. This button is useful if all the objects in a rig have unique names. If the do not the mapping will happen with the first object in the target hierarchy with the same name as the saved object. If there is no object in the target rig that has the same name as the saved object then the saved object gets unchecked. This tool is useful when you add objects to a rig and want to apply animation from older versions of the rig. Example you saved a walk cycle for the rig and now you added a tail to the rig. Since position of the objects no longer would apply it will simply skip the tail and map to the correct objects.
  • Fixed a problem where the duration was not calculated properly on the Apply tab.
  • When saving all animation after the point in time that you specify is deleted, which reduces the size of the saved files.
  • Updated the GUI to reduce empty space in the dialog and enhance workflow.
  • Now the Harvester will remember the previous paths for each of the save and apply tab’s working directories, and a button was added to allow the user to use the active documents path as the working directory.
  • Fixed error that shows the save starttime correctly.
  • Added a button to allow the user to ignore User Data
  • Removed the limitation that User Data has to have the same name.
  • Added three sliders to allow the user to modify the position applied, one for each axis.
Mehr Infos und Kauf (60$) auf
Demovideo hier.
In den Geschmackrichtungen: C4D v10 in 32bit (Mac&PC), C4D v11 in 32 and 64 bit versions (Mac&PC).

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