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Mittwoch, 25. März 2009

I/Ogre 1.5

Keith Young hat das 1.5 Update für den I/Ogre Plugin veröffentlicht.
Neu ist vor allem das Milkshape 3D format.
v1.5 MilkShape3D:
  • New Feature: Now Includes MilkShape3D binary .ms3d File Export module.
  • Mac plug-in: Both the Import and (new) Export modules have been ported to and are now available on the Mac platform. [NOTE: these have not been thoroughly tested, so please report any problems].
  • Import: Previous versions of the plug-in ignored the “Document Frames Per Second” value on the Import Options Dialog - the value stored in the .ms3d file was used instead. This update let's you choose between using the value stored in the file or setting it manually.
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