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Samstag, 28. März 2009


Keith Young hat MultiSlide erweitert und Kyama Slide getauft.
Das neue Plugin unterstützt 32 & 64bit PC und 32bit Mac Universal Binary. Zusätzlich zum dem neuen Plattformsupport, gibt es zwei neue Features:
  • "'Relative' sliding:
    With the original plug-in (or with this option disabled), all vertices move at the same speed as you move the mouse. This new option (enabled by default) causes the vertices to move a relative distance as you drag the mouse (the distance is computed to the next edge in the direction of travel). Meaning that some vertices will move faster than others, if they have further to travel to the next edge than other vertices being moved. This keeps the relative proportions of the resulting polygons the same and creates smoother edges.
  • Clamping:
    This new option (enabled by default) will limit the sliding to stop at the next encountered edge. Note that there's not much/any gap left if you move it fully to the edge, so take note that you might end up with some vertices on top of others."
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