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Dienstag, 14. April 2009

KyamaSlide 1.1

Und noch ein Update von Keith Young: KyamaSlide 1.1
  • Now supports Mac 64-bit.
There are now two separate download packages - one for R10.1 or later and one for R11.026 or later. There are no functional differences between the two, but only the R11 one has support for 64bit on the Mac. Note that the Universal Binary now effectively combines 4 copies of the plugin (for 32/64bit and PPC/Intel for each), so it's much larger than the R10 version. In other words, if you are using 32bit on the Mac, you might want to just use the R10 package.
  • "Clamp Tolerance" option...
When using the Clamp feature, this value determines 'how close' the edge can be slide up to the next edge. Effectively, this is the size of the 'gap' left between the edges.
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