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Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Riptide Pro 1.4

Keith Young hat Riptide Pro 1.4 veröffentlicht.
  • Riptide Pro is now compatible with the R11 Multi-License feature (when using the License-Server module).
Both single and multi-seat support is available. If you would like to purchase a multi-seat license, please contact me with your details for pricing options. Details for using your existing (single-seat) license key with the license-server will be posted in the Riptide Pro Support Forums and also sent along with any new purchases.
  • Support has been added for Mac 64bit (Many thanks to Robert Templeton for doing the 64bit build!).
The following configurations are now supported:
- PC 32bit (R9.6+, R10.1+, R11.026+)
- PC 64bit (R9.6+, R10.1+, R11.026+)
- Mac 32bit Universal Binary (R9.6+, R10.1+, R11.026+)
- Mac 64bit Universal Binary (R9.6+, R10.1+, R11.026+)
  • New Phong Settings.
Previous versions of Riptide Pro (as well as Riptide Classic) always added a Phong Tag to every imported mesh. This is now set as an option (enabled, by default), on a per-Preset basis. You can also specify the Phong Angle on a per-Preset basis.
Das Update ist gratis für alle registrierten User.

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