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Samstag, 18. April 2009

CSTools & Greyscalegorilla-Tutorials

Die CSTools (von Chris Smith) sind eine Sammlung von Xpresso-schaltungen die in vielen Situationen äusserst hilfreich sein können (C4D 10.1+). Ich habe sie hier schon einmal vorgestellt, aber sie sind mittlerweile um einige Tools angewachsen:
  1. CS_Daylight : Light rig for instant daylight lighting or classic 3 light setup.
  2. CS_KinoSquare : Light Rig for motion graphics
  3. CS_SineNull : Parent objects to this null. Creates cycles with noise options
  4. CS_MoveNull: Parent objects to this for constant speed movement or rotations
  5. CS_Fog : Instant Fog/Haze with easy control
  6. CS_3DStroke : Simulation of Trapcode's 3D Stroke but in true 3D
  7. CS_EasyCam : Camera movement system for basic film moves with path bend and vibration options
  8. CS_Flicker : For simulating candle light, plasma balls, other random light effects
  9. CS_Vibrate : A much easier version of C4D's vibrate tag
  10. CS_Amblight : This is to create easy "room tone" lighting from above.
  11. CS_AreaLight : This is a regular area light but with some easy falloff, shadow, color, and size settings.
  12. CS_WalkCycle (BETA) : Creates procedural walk cycles. Only supports feet and hips for now.
  13. CS_Trackspot : Not a useful tool really, but I built it for a project so I threw it in. It simulates an intelligent lighting unit.
  14. CS_Flux : This is not the same, but inspired from another plug-in.
  15. CS_LineGrow: Growing lines with an attached tip
  16. CS_Bloom: Make vectors into geometry and make them bloom
  17. CS_PathNull : Keyframeless Alighn to Spline with null.
  18. CS_MoCam: 8 Point Camera system for MoGraph.
  19. CS_EasyCam2: Like original but using MoCam system and diff noise functions.
  20. CS_DocuCam: Used for realistic handheld with snap zooms.
  21. CS_ActionCam: Michael Bay algorithm attached to a cam.
  22. CS_VibrateNull2: Uses turbulent function instead of noise. Allows channel mixing.
  23. CS_Cubes: First tool based on Instance replication. Fun with cubes.
  24. CS_Spriticles: Sprite based particle tool.
  25. CS_SpringNull: Null that moves in bouncing and springy motions.
  26. CS_Cluster: This is for making objects spring out from behind logos
Gute Video Tutorials (3D-Stroke, Ambient/Area Light, Action Cam) gibt es zu den CSTools auf

Download der aktuellen CSTools version (inkl. Beispielen und Doku) und weitere Tutorials auf
Mehr Info auch in diesem Thread auf

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