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Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

m4d 1.0

at² verkündet das Release 1.0 von m4d, der Mentalrayschnittstelle für Cinema 4D.
Key-Features von m4d sind:
  • Two renderers in one package: Raytracer mental ray and GPU-supporting pathtracer iray
  • Implementation of interchangeable MetaSL shaders
  • Supporting the awesome MIA Material with BRDF, Translucency, and much more...
  • Fast Subsurface Scattering (Fast SSS) and Carpaint Shader (Coated Materials)
  • Ready for Nuke & Co.: More framebuffers than you'll ever need!
  • Illumination options for every taste: GI, FG, Importons, Unified Sampling, Irradiance Particles and IBL
  • Native support of nearly all Cinema 4D's shaders and objects
  • Great usability: Proceeding the ease of Cinema 4D's UI and workflow
  • Motion Blur, Depth of Field and Photographic Exposure
  • Ready for NET Render, MoGraph, Thinking Particles and Dynamics
  • iray will use all available resources for rendering: CPU and optional GPU
  • Live-preview of your scene with iray: the most advanced implementation of a GPU pathtracer available
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