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Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Toothed Wheel V2

Gene Carlo Magtoto hat die Version 2 seines Toothed Wheel Plugins veröffentlicht.
  • Added a couple more preset teeth shapes. You can also have "none" as the tooth shape to make chamfered cylinders.
  • Added option for height segments. Now you can create helical gears and screw-like shapes using a Twist Deformer together with the plugin.
  • You can opt to have different parameters for each side of the gear, so things like bevel gears are possible. Same goes with the teeth shape.
  • No more point limits for the teeth profile, and odd-numbered point counts are now valid. (You don't have to stick to 14 points like the original.)
  • Added taper/scale/skew/offset options so you can tweak teeth shapes without editing the reference spline.
  • Added extra visual guides for the control handles.
  • Added tag for reference spline to help visualize tooth shape.
Mehr Infos & Kauf auf:

Toothed Wheel WIP phase 2 from Gene Carlo Magtoto on Vimeo.

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