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Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Next Limit: Maxwell Render Previews und RealFlow 2013

Next Limit Technologies zeigt ein Preview video von RealFlow 2013:

Maxwell Render Previews from RealFlow2013 from Next Limit Technologies on Vimeo.

Auch neu in RealFlow 2013:

Hybrido 2
  • New base solver for improved detail
  • New Splash and Foam emitters handled quickly
RealFlow Graph
  • New, visual node-based method to set up links between scene elements
  • Create RealFlow Simulation Graphs wherever and whenever during the simulation so you can create/modify/extract data from scene elements
RenderKit 3.0
  • Improved mesher algorithm for Hybrido 2 for greater detail
  • New Anisotropic Mesher for particle-based sims
Alembic I/O
  • Alembic format will be available for both geometry and particles
Caronte Body Dynamics Solver
  • Faster and more robust
  • Improved fracturing tools
  • Enhanced workflow, even when working with millions of particles
  • Orbit massive amounts of data
Maxwell Render
  • Preview your simulation renders in the background with Maxwell Render
  • Photorealistic Maxwell Render materials provided
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