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Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Josef Bsharah: VRay Studio Tools 1.15 veröffentlicht

Josef Bsharah hat das Update VRay Studio Tools 1.15 veröffentlicht.
Neu in Version 1.15:

  • LWF Applied to The all three Studio Presets in the studio Presets folder
  • fixed high/med/low Setups texture error [deleted old textures]
  • fixed over-bright Editor sky when physical sky is on {Physical Sky}
  • Photons / Caustics subdivisions controls added {all lights}
  • preserve color option added {Custom Soft box}
  • fixed flipped Custom texture problem {Custom Soft box}
  • fixed area lights rotation [were rotated 0.001 degrees now set to 0]
  • new Phys/Sky Presets added {Morning, Dusk..etc}
  • Color Profile Option added ( HDRI Light C4D R12-13 )
  • Changed user interface for the HDRI file (now you can see it with dimensions in OM )
  • Standard Sky updated
  • Light Shape editor preview enhanced (VRay Soft box)
  • Render Settings updated
  • some interface icons changed
  • One more test object added (Teapot)
  • Interface enhanced and updated
  • The default area light is visible now in OM (now you can easily use the include/exclude option )
  • , it works fine with vray already )
  • New Scripts
Release notes auf
Mehr Infos zu den VRay Studio Tools auf

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