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Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Mike Batchelor: X-Particles 1.1 Update veröffentlicht

Mike Batchelor hat das Update 1.1 von X-Particles veröffentlicht.

Neu in 1.1:
  • New Particle Deformer object added
  • New Move Along Spline tag added
  • New Action added - Stop moving along spline
  • Target modifier can now trigger Actions when the particle is in range of its target
  • Emitter interface changed to reduce cluttering - new Particle emission tab added
  • New HUD display option added to the Emitter
  • Improved sub-frame sampling on particle emission especially for animated emitters
  • All objects which spawn new particles now have a 'spawn once only' switch to prevent multiple spawning
  • Disabling a System object in the Object Manager will now disable all X-Particles objects in the object hierarchy under that System object
  • Emitters can now be set to be influenced only by modifiers in the same System object hierarchy as the emitter
  • New birthrate spline GUI added to the Emitter's particle emissions tab, allowing you to vary the emission rate over time
  • The Freeze modifier and corresponding Action now have the freeze movement, spin, and scale switches on by default (before, a Freeze modifier could be added but then had no effect until those switches were turned on manually)
  • New Question type - test for frozen particle - added
  • New Question type - test for recent collision - added
  • The Change Geometry Action now has several additional options to change the objects produced by a Generator or Sprite object
  • The Deflector modifier can now trigger Actions on collision
  • A spline interface to control scale has been added to the Scale modifier
  • The Cover/Fill modifier can now accept vertex maps as well as selection tags
  • Several new options added to the Cover/Fill modifier
  • The Control Trail Action has been recoded and its interface altered slightly to make it more logical and easier to work with
  • Updated manual
Das Update ist für registrierte 1.x Kunden gratis.

Mehr Infos zu X-Particles auf

Preview X-Particles version 1.1 from mike batchelor on Vimeo.

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