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Montag, 11. Juni 2012

c4dtools: Graph Maker v.3

c4dtools hat ein Update für Graph Maker von Gianni Lorusso veröffentlicht.
Mit dem Tool lassen sich verschiedenste Balkendiagramme in CINEMA 4D erstellen.

Neu in v.3:
  • New Box Preset integrated for label function (up to 25 label with its own microbox). The peculiarity is that is possible to bind the position in relation of the frame for a chosen camera. You can create a fake static 2D in your scene with the info of the graph. - Some new materials for quick setup.
  • Now you can apply a material for each bar directly in a appropriate field (up to 50).
  • New Z-Bend option (the third after the X and Y Bend).
  • New option Empathize. You can move your bars selectively in z-direction for empathization. The number value can follow the bar.
  • Reorganization of the User Data. Added a Scene tab, see below.
  • Better Scene. Infact there is a new Scene tab. Sky, floor, background and lights are present. If you want to create your scene you should disable all the objects. The floor and the sky are fixed in the space so you can manage your graph maker at any position.
  • New option for the max and min values for lock the panel extension (useful if you want animate the bars with keyframing).
  • und mehr
Graph Maker v.3 ist kompatibel mit CINEMA 4D R12 und R13 und benötigt MoGraph.

Mehr Infos und Kauf auf


Graph Maker v.3 from Robert Leger on Vimeo.

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