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Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Keith Young: Riptide Pro v2.5 update

Keith Young hat das Update 2.5 von Riptide Pro veröffentlicht.

Neue Features des OBJ-Import/Export-Plugins:
  • "MDD Deformer" added as an alternate .mdd file Import option. The previous .mdd Import option baked the .mdd file deformation data into Point-Level-Animation (PLA) keys on the effected mesh. That option is still available, but the new deformer offers a bit more control and only loads the 'current' animation frame info - on an as-needed basis (potentially slower if you have slow drives, but can save a ton of memory being used at any particular time).
  • Added (a special) option to merge "color-only" materials when Importing. Most people will likely never need to use this set of options ("Special" sub-tab on the "Materials" tab)... there was a certain process that was generating tens or even hundreds of thousands of "Color Only" materials - basically using materials as a stand-in for a single bitmap texture file. This is a highly unusual situation, but my plugin (and Cinema 4D itself) were never designed to work with so many materials. What these new options allow you to do is to 'merge' similar colors, thus reducing the total number of materials being loaded in the scene.
  • The Name and Path of the existing Document are no longer altered when Importing into the current Document - they are only altered when the "New Document" option is enabled on Import.
  • re-engineered several areas of the code to be up to several orders of magnitude faster when Importing or Exporting large (or extreme) numbers of materials and/or groups. 
  • Optimized UV-compression code once again - there's really no good reason to not use the "Compress" option when Exporting now.
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